IDK if anyone else who can read Russian has this problem, but whenever cyrillic letters are shoved in the middle of English words to make them "look Russian" my brain reads them as the sound they're supposed to be. Like Я is "ya" not "oh hey that's a backwards R". And it just really messes up what I'm reading and I get confused

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Super glad I'm not the only one. I'm sure you did Babka, and now that you mention it I think I remember reading it.

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quit making me want to learn russian im already learning latin AND japanese

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i feel like everyone who can read russian has this problem and same goes for greek letters and such

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i can't read russian but i do the same with the swedish letters åäö (and norwegian/danish ø) like no. those are not a's and o's. they're different letters and it makes no sense...

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